Friday, July 17, 2009

College is soon :) & :(

College is soon (yaaaayy) , but college is soon(boo-whooo) lol. i take my placement test for The Art Instutite of Philadelphia on August 8,2009. Im excited to start college but at the same time im going to miss my peoples and my lovely boyfriend and by him going in the Army soon dont make it no better. I have family there, ( i was raised there) but its been a while since i was there, actully living there. Ughh, new friends, new problems, and a new life( but thats good). im excited but also scared at the same but hey gotta grow up sometimes right?
im doing this for US baby :) -- & to my parents, THANK YOU with all my love.

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  1. im anxious to go back 2 college life is hella fun ♥