Friday, July 17, 2009

College is soon :) & :(

College is soon (yaaaayy) , but college is soon(boo-whooo) lol. i take my placement test for The Art Instutite of Philadelphia on August 8,2009. Im excited to start college but at the same time im going to miss my peoples and my lovely boyfriend and by him going in the Army soon dont make it no better. I have family there, ( i was raised there) but its been a while since i was there, actully living there. Ughh, new friends, new problems, and a new life( but thats good). im excited but also scared at the same but hey gotta grow up sometimes right?
im doing this for US baby :) -- & to my parents, THANK YOU with all my love.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Always & Forever.

In Loving Memory of a King .

Michael Jackson

i made this layout just for him. no need for a long story because yall know the situation. i just wanted to acknowlegde him on my blog.

love you mike ... and you will ALWAYS be missed ...


Your Deeply missed, In Loving Memory of a Leader.

Dafiq Q. Rasheed

Im still in shock, i really dont wanna say much because im already sad and full of emotions. just missing you crazy, JUST seen you. i hope your reading this .... you will ALWAYS be in my heart and my prayers. Rest Peacefully, love you fiq.

Monday, June 8, 2009

heeeyyy lol ... forgive me =]

i know half of you want to KILL But i do apologize for not blogging lately. so much in my life is going on. from working non-stop, mom quitting her job, my stepfather just getting out of the hospital and me and my boyfriend arguing every other day. so stressed out i grew a GREY HAIR! but i picked it out lol. im doing much better now. you see i even took a new picture=] dont feel bad i wasnt on myspace and facebook either. i just got finished updating them. but i just cant grip my old graving to be on myspace 24/7 anymore. its becoming more like a playground to me and im loving facebook more and more. the other night me and my two bestfriends went out to eat. it was really cute ... we got dressed up and wore heels :D . it was a relief . we talked about everything and laughed until we cryed. then took pictures. im doing well you guys. what else....oh i HATE my job now. i actully called out today...the management sucks there and its boring. so right now im looking for another job. me and my boyfriend is good little disagreements ... but we LOVE each other and the title will always remain. in two weeks we're taking pictures at sears=] =] =]cant wait. the color we picked is rare. i WILL post them for yall. so hey to my follwers and much love to my newest followers. im baaack! lol .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OMG! Ferrero Rocher

my favorite chocolate HANDS DOWN! hmm i just finished a box just like this just two minutes ago. lol im not lieinggg! and the other day me and my boyfriend had got into a huuuge fight and originally i was going to just over his house and get my stuff and leave. When i met up him to go to his house, he hade a card and THESE CHOCOLATES in his hand. Then he kissed me. OMG i was so happy lol.(nice way to set me up babe) i know i seem really fat right now but, i love these so much =]

Friday, May 15, 2009


alrighy guys this blog is NOT for you lol. but for my ladies out there. ugggh i love heeeels! one of the best ways to show off your sexy legs.....i am in love with these below, its alot but maaan this is my fetish. couldnt help it lol. NO LIE if i was to buy these in one day, my total would be $1200. wow i have alot of saving to do =]

I'll get used to it :)

OMGOOOSH! i completely dont understand my jooob lol. i guest when i applied, i should've reminded myself that it was a supermarket. its sooo much you have to remember and know about. you reallly have to pay attention to EVERY SINGLE THING! i must admit, their training sessions is excellent. they take you step-by-step, and i love it! today we practiced bagging and cashiering. Bagging is waaaay easier lol. but i love challenges and i love people putting me to work. it keeps me busy and time flys that way. at first they had me working like two days a week. NOO THAT CANT HAPPEN. i want that $$$, but i put it to my manger's attention that im a graduate and can work any time. i was shocked that she didnt know that. she was like "oh reaally! thank God, i reeeally need people in the morning and evenings, whatever! yes of course i'll give you more hours!" i was thrilled. so yup making alot $$$ and i wasnt even there for a month. thats wussup. im soo proud of myself :) thinking about spoiling myself extra! even though i dont really understand any thing at this moment, as i get familiar with everything ill start progressing in all my fields and soon ill be saying "mannn that job is a piece of cake." so here i go, off to my new job! and i have a reason to be saucy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

reeeeal fast !

alright well i gotta hurry because im supposed to be getting ready for work, hehe =] . today is my first daaaay! im so excited to start!!! and i know i havent been blogging lately, thats only because ive been so busy with college stuff and this job. i really hope everything is worth it.
im late i know -- happy mothers day to all those mothers out there. what you do for your mother ? im thrilled to know. but anyway, for my mom she got tons of card and flowers from the family. i made her a BIIG breakfast took me like a hooour. wooah! and lots of gifts. she started crying, she was soooo happy!
kaaay ! i gotta go and i have to do my hair and thats no five minute job =/ and oh we get paid every friday so i should be getting my check tomorrow for attending that looong four hour orientation. not much but enough to buy this HIOT necklace from icing i spotted! aahhhh $$$$$$ lol